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Angel like Girl with the Golden Hair

Angel like Girl with the Golden Hair


Introducing a stunning and unique piece of art by the talented Persian-Canadian artist, Pari Chehrehsa! This original artwork showcases a beautiful girl with long flowing hair and majestic wings that embody freedom and spirituality.


The digital file has been optimized for high quality printing in high resolution so when printed on canvas, this artwork captures every detail and brushstroke of the original painting, ensuring that every aspect of Pari's vision is preserved. The colors and textures are rich and vibrant, making this piece truly stand out as a work of art.


Perfect for any art lover, this print will add a touch of elegance and grace to any room. The beautiful girl with wings represents the desire for freedom, hope, and spiritual growth, making it a powerful and meaningful addition to any collection.


This artwork is available for purchase as a high-quality, printable file that can be used for wall art or sublimation on clothing and other products. With its vibrant colors and intricate details, this artwork will make a bold and captivating statement in any setting.


Whether you want to display it as a stunning piece of wall art or incorporate it into your clothing or merchandise, this artwork is versatile and perfect for any art lover. 


Pari's Persian heritage is evident in her use of color and design, while her Canadian living for the past 23 years brings a modern, contemporary feel to the piece. This fusion of cultural influences creates a unique and captivating work of art that is sure to impress.


With this printable artwork, the possibilities are endless. Print it in the size and format that best suits your needs and let your creativity run wild. Whether you want to create a stunning canvas print, add it to a t-shirt or phone case, or use it as a design element in your next project, this artwork is sure to inspire.


Don't miss your chance to own a piece of art by Pari Chehrehsa. Order your printable version of this stunning artwork today and bring a touch of freedom, spirituality, and beauty into your life!

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